Comparing the Rules of Kickball and Baseball

Todd Belok is a mental health technician with Temple University’s Hospital Episcopal Campus in Philadelphia. Away from work, Todd Belok stays active through a local kickball league.

While the rules of kickball may differ from one playground to the next, official WAKA rules of the game can be found at The rules of kickball mirror those seen in the sport of American baseball in a number of ways, with fielders taking to a similarly shaped and sized field. However, the two sports diverge at a number of points.

In professional baseball, teams field nine players on defense. Kickball teams, on th

 Kickball  Image:

e other hand, can field 11 players at a time. The other nine players can be arranged as teams see fit. Teams can also opt to field just eight players.

The length of baseball and kickball games differ as well. Professional baseball games last for nine innings and Little League games go for six. A regulation kickball game ends after the fifth inning of play. Like baseball, a team’s inning ends after three outs have been charged to the offensive team. Outs can be secured through strike outs, force plays, or balls caught out of the air by fielders. Unlike baseball, kickball fielders can also throw a ball at runners to record an out, though head shots are considered illegal. For an in depth explanation of the rules visit and download the official rule book.


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