Service Group Gears Up For National Service Week

Alpha Phi Omega pic
Alpha Phi Omega

Todd Belok, who enjoys helping others, has been an EMT since 2008, and is currently a mental health technician at Temple University Hospital. In addition to his professional work, Todd Belok volunteers with the Alpha Phi Omega Professional Community Service Fraternity in Washington, DC.

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service organization that seeks to inspire its members to contribute to their communities and develop leadership skills. Counting over 400,000 members across 375 campuses, the organization is the largest service group of its kind, and its members continue to serve in alumni groups long after graduation.

Each year, Alpha Phi Omega designates the first week of November as National Service Week, a time when chapters across the country unite around a common theme. During this time, chapters undertake creative, high-impact service projects directly related to the year’s theme. In 2016, National Service Week will be held November 6-12, and the theme will be Improving Literacy in Youth, a continuation of 2015’s theme, Improving Literacy in Adults.


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